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EasyStreet Systems EB-5 Visa Investment Project
EasyStreet Systems is a Columbia International Finance EB-5 investment project. Located in Spokane Washington, in a single census tract qualified Targeted Employment Area (TEA), it is USCIS project approved.
EasyStreet Systems is a unique high-tech offering in the 5G/Internet of Things (IOT) wireless network space. EasyStreet Systems has developed a game-changing, patented method of constructing small cell wireless towers to support both 5G and IOT network deployments.
The founders have a combined eighty years of experience in the telecom market with direct relationships with all US wireless carriers and tower companies.
Project highlights include:
  1. Company has received initial seed capital to fund product development and marketing

  2. All documents including TEA analysis, Economic Impact Analysis and Matter of Ho compliant business plan created by approved industry experts

  3. Opportunity to invest in a high-growth industry with well-known and respected founders

  4. High chance of investment repayment through profit generation

  5. Conforms to all EB-5 program requirements with comfortable job creation cushion

  6. Located in a single census tract Targeted Employment Area (TEA) per USCIS approval

Other features of the project:
  1. Ultra-lightweight, strong as steel, better looking and longer lasting, this is the small cell tower of the future.
  2. Each site installation takes only two hours with just a two-person crew which reflects construction savings of up to 70 percent for its customers.
  3. The towers can be installed as an all-in-one integrated solution including radios/power/backhaul & foundation, or as a stand-alone option.
  4. They offer easier permitting, less site disturbance, and lower transportation costs with reduced CO2 emissions.
  5. All leading to easier, faster, longer-lasting small cell installation.
Composite Small Cell Lowers Cost, Increases Speed of 5G Buildout
Article in Inside Towers May 2022
Excerpt here:

The wireless industry is taking notice of this new design in small cells. The first live EasyStreet small cell has been deployed by AT&T in Atlanta, GA. Additionally, Crown Castle International is testing them, and poles have been shipped to the U.K. and are being tested by Liberty Global and British Telecom. At these test sites, a 70% reduction in site installation cost was quantified.

“We’ve not found one person in the wireless space, be it construction company, carrier, WISP, or radio manufacturer that has not said, ‘Man, that’s a great idea,’” Harrison said.

The wireless industry is still at the beginning of what is expected to be an expensive buildout of hundreds of thousands of small cells for 5G and 6G wireless coverage. EasyStreet endeavors to meet the demand for a lower cost alternative to allow carriers to get a return on investment. “We really fit into that cost curve that operators are dealing with, in a very good way,” Harrison said. “It appears that our timing is right on target.”

See the EasyStreet Systems Brochure

EasyStreet's ultra-lightweight patented design and composite construction is 10 percent the weight of steel which is a huge competitive advantage.


The innovative anchor system saves time and money on each site installation


The ultra-lightweight towers can be easily put into place using small equipment and a crew of just two people.


EasyStreet small cell towers are corrosion proof for installation and long life in any setting.

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