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The Top 10 EB-5 Visa Questions, Answered

1. Why is EB-5 a preferred option?

- EB-5 does not depend on employment or place of residence. See "Indians flock to America's 'Golden Visa' as H-1B route closes." As Indian-born investor Abhi S. said, "EB5 is a viable path to Green Card for H-1B professionals."

2. What are the EB-5 wait times to permanent residency?

- For those investing in EB-5 now, it takes about 30 days for acceptance by the government; then 22-24 months for issuance of the conditional green card; then another 2 years for the removal of restrictions and issuance of permanent residency.

3. What are the EB-5 visa costs?

- The EB-5 program currently requires a $500,000 "at-risk" investment in a qualified U.S. construction project through an approved Regional Center. This covers all family visas.

4. Is that cost expected to change?

- Yes, this cost could be raised to $925,000-$1,025,000 by the U.S. Government at any time, making it timely to consider joining the program now.

5. Do I need an immigration attorney?

- Yes, an attorney is an important part of the process to make sure your interests are met. The attorney should have absolutely no financial ties to the project per U.S. law. Here are two excellent law firms who are familiar with the Seattle Innovation Center project.

Lee & Lee, PS

Watson Immigration Law


6. Why is there an admin fee?

- In addition to your investment, you will pay non-refundable fees to the Regional Center. These ensure your application is handled properly for the best outcome.

7. What is the cost of the admin fee?

 - The EB-5 admin fee may be up to $55,000; however, the actual fee depends on a number of factors and may be mitigated accordingly.  Please contact us directly to discuss the admin fee rate.

8. What are the red flags to beware of?

- Watch out for Regional Centers that are using high-pressure tactics, high interest rates and high admin fees. Ensure that the project has existing USCIS exemplar approval and is not tied to an immigration attorney or other improper source.

9. What is an example of a sound EB-5 investment project?

See the Seattle Innovation Center, the EB-5 immigration investment project we recommend and can sign you up for.

10. Anything else about EB-5 you can tell me?

- We've put more details in a slide deck here.

What questions can we answer for you?

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