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Assisting International Investors

International investors seeking opportunities in the United States are motivated by many factors, including: safety of investment, return on investment, immigration, and advanced education for family members.


Many of our investors highly value opportunities that are “off market” where transactions can occur privately and where opportunities are not currently advertised.


Columbia International Finance assists international investors in addressing these needs, both while in their home country and when they visit the United States. Investors will be seeking real estate, financial, and tax advisors, and possibly residential property services should they also be contemplating a change in residency.


For land development projects, investors may want assistance to identify and evaluate professional partners for design, development, construction, and management. Columbia International Finance will work with the investor to create a team that will give the investor confidence of success – from design and permitting, through project management and occupancy.


By matching this unique combination of investor needs with an ideal investment, Columbia International Finance ensures that the transaction will truly be a win-win for buyer and seller.

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