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Is an eb5 visa better than H1b? How do I qualify for an EB-5 visa?

A smart alternative to H-1B

Unlike the H-1B program, obtaining your EB-5 visa is not dependent on employment. There is no job necessary and no degree required. It is not tied to location, so you can live anywhere you wish. Spouse and children also quality for green cards.

Then how do I qualify?

By investing $500,000 in a qualified U.S. construction project through an approved Regional Center. The investment must be classified "at risk" as with any business venture, but is thoroughly structured so as to be returned at the end.

Surely only the wealthy can do this!

Not true! We see EB-5 investors from all walks of life. One gentleman in the Seattle area procured a secure loan on his home for the investment. Other couples have asked that money typically gifted for a wedding or other newlywed purchases be temporarily invested in gaining  U.S. residency instead. Sometimes families have pooled their resources. 


How long is the money invested? What is the ROI?

Repayment of the investment is timed around I-829 submission and approval, which varies by each case. Actual interest is quite low because the real Return On Investment value is the promise of U.S. visas. 

Why choose EB-5?

The difference is the freedom to make your own way.  The H-1B program continues to become more uncertain, with the latest changes from the U.S. White House indicating that spouses are no longer even included. The program does not have room for most. More and more people are finding these H-1B challenges are not the right path to realize their dream.

What is my next step to considering the EB-5 visa?

We suggest a personal conversation by phone or email to understand your goals and answer your questions about the EB-5 program. We can provide specific details at no obligation whatsoever, so you can make the decision whether an EB-5 visa is right for you.  You are invited to reach Scott Chesney, our Director of Project Management, by calling  (509) 279-3662 or Email him HERE

"I wasn't aware that EB5 can be a viable path to Green Card even for H1B professionals before I met CIF. Their collaborations with top builders in Seattle, and other major cities, provide the safest avenue for anyone interested in the EB5 investment and they are committed to offer the best experience to EB5 investors."

- A. S., Indian-born professional now obtaining his U.S. visa through the EB-5 investment program

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