EasyStreet Systems EB-5 Visa Investment Project

EasyStreet Systems, a unique high-tech offering in the 5G wireless network, is Columbia International Finance’s newest EB-5 Investment opportunity.


EasyStreet Systems has developed a patented method of constructing small cell wireless towers to support both 5G and Internet of Things (IOT) network deployments. The founders have a combined eighty years of experience in the telecom market and direct relationships with all US wireless carriers and tower companies. 

Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, the site qualifies as a Targeted Employment Area, allowing for EB-5 investment at the $900,000 level and benefits an emerging redevelopment area.

Investment Highlights

  • Opportunity to invest in a high-growth industry with well-known and respected founders

  • High chance of investment repayment through income generation by Year 2 of operation

  • Conforms to all EB-5 program requirements with comfortable job creation metrics

  • Company is located in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) per latest USCIS requirements 

  • Form of investment is a convertible note at 10% annual interest

  • Upon the sale of the Company or at the end of the Term, investors may either receive a return of their Investment, plus interest or select to convert their investment and return into company common stock for unlimited upside potential. These two options will be implemented in a manner compliant with the EB-5 Program.​

The Opportunity

As new commercial 5G networks are deployed around the World, the need for small cell sites in urban and metropolitan areas will far outpace the number of traditional cellular macro-sites by a factor of 20. Industry expectations suggest that four to five million (or more) small cell sites will be needed just in the United States. 


Existing steel pole and “stealth” tower solutions are expensive to install, and even current small cell designs implemented with steel poles do not materially reduce the cost of site construction, do not speed the requirements for network deployment, and are limited in aesthetic design choices, hence increasing the time to gain construction permits.

For more information, please contact Mary Chase, Investor Relations

See the EasyStreet Systems Brochure
Target Customers
EasyStreet has long-term relationships with and verbal commitments from these well-known wireless companies:
Target Customers.png